Real Estate Fund

Due to the illiquid nature of real estate investments, funds that focus on real estate as an investment strategy are similar in legal structure to private equity funds that invest in private companies. They require a number of specific structural considerations in order to be set up properly. Our in-depth knowledge of how to start a real estate fund enables us to assist you in building your real estate investment program.

Real Estate Fund Formation and Start-Up Service

Our turn-key solution simplifies the process of establishing a real estate fund.

      • Preliminary evaluation of the investment strategy and business considerations.
      • Defining fund structure with legal and compliance.
      • Providing fund documents and offering documents.
      • Prime Brokerage introduction.
      • Fund Administration including monthly or quarterly accounting, calculating the fund’s NAV, shareholder reporting.
      • Fund Administration including investor subscriptions and redemptions, as well as facilitating capital calls.
      • Advising and introducing an auditor who will provide comprehensive fund accounting.
      • On-going consultation.

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